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Warehouses, stockrooms and production facilities must have the right warehouse material handling equipment to ensure productivity, safety and effective use of space and other resources. The right material handling equipment can simplify picking and put away operations, increase inventory accuracy and improve on-time shipments.

shutterstock_398623363The right pallet racks, shelves and cantilever racks can help you make the most of the available space in your warehouse. By using the right material handling equipment, you can utilize all the available space, including using vertical storage. You will be able to fit more goods in the warehouse without making it messy and chaotic. When materials are stored on the right equipment, they are easier to see, making inventory more accurate by reducing errors and lot goods.

New or Used Warehouse Material Handling Equipment

Many companies don’t have the budget to invest in new material handling equipment, so they select used material handling equipment instead. When you buy from a knowledgeable, reputable company with material handling equipment for sale, either new, used or a combination of both can be an excellent choice.

Quality material handling equipment is made from steel, so it is extremely durable and has a long life under the proper conditions. However, steel is subject to rust if it gets wet, so outdoor use or use in harsh or damp environments can reduce its effective lifespan. It takes a knowledgeable eye to tell when material handling equipment has been used in less-than-ideal conditions.

Many companies have material handling equipment for sale, but not all material handling equipment companies are the same. That’s why you need to select your supplier with care. You should look for a company that works with you to ensure you have the right layout and the right equipment to match the volume and variety of products you manage. You need a company that understands the productivity difference that can be achieved with the right equipment.

A Different Business Model
Material Handling Exchange buys used material handling equipment from many sources all over the country. Our experienced team has the skill to evaluate the used material handling equipment to be certain it is good quality. We also have new material handling equipment for sale. This allows our customers to mix and match new and used equipment to create the optimum storage configuration to fit the available space and the product mix.

We deal in such high volumes of warehouse material handling equipment that we can offer the best prices as well as expert advice on the optimum equipment for each customer. We provide warehouse layout advice and assistance, so you know you are making the best use of your available space. You will achieve higher productivity, more accurate inventory and faster delivery with the right layout and equipment. It makes sense to buy from a company that offers more than simply warehouse material handling equipment for sale.

We’re more than just a middleman. We are experts in all aspects of material handling equipment and warehouse management.

If you would like to learn more about tour services and the variety of new and used material handling equipment for sale from the Material Handling Exchange, contact us today.