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5 Essential Warehouse Safety Tips

Did you know that throughout the entire world, there are more deaths and injuries in warehouses than in any other work environment? With the amount of heavy product that gets moved and the use of machinery, it’s no surprise that there is a large amount of hazard involved with work in warehouses. In order to keep your warehouse safe and profitable, it’s essential that you take safety concerns very seriously.

Here are five essential warehouse safety tips to keep your warehouse running and your workers safe.

  • Staff training. One of the best ways to ensure that your warehouse is safe and functional is by putting a lot of effort into training your staff. A qualified expert should carry out the training, and it’s also advisable to test for comprehension afterwards to ensure the information was retained.
  • Keep it clean. All areas of the warehouse should be free of any kind of debris, including empty boxes, shrink-wrap, pallets, and other items. Everything in a warehouse should have a place. This will help minimize the chance of accidents due to an item being placed where it should not be.
  • Pack evenly. To prevent stacks of items from falling, they should be packed evenly, with the heaviest items at the bottom. Also, make sure that all racking equipment meets current health and safety regulations.
  • Proper lighting. Having a well-lit warehouse will drastically reduce the potential for accidents. Not only should overhead lighting be adequate, but also areas where detail-oriented work is done should have task lighting.
  • Create a “safety culture.” A safety culture refers to a group dynamic where your workers prioritize safety of their own volition. Managers are responsible for safety and must set an example. The rest of the workforce also has to see safety as their responsibility as well.

Overall, safety is not created or maintained by a meeting once or twice a year. It’s important to make safety a cornerstone of your warehouse operations in order to maintain a functional and profitable work environment for all. Keep these tips in mind to help your warehouse be as profitable and safe as possible.