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Wire Decks

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Deck-on-beam-300x192One important decision to make when buying new pallet racking systems for your warehouse is the type of decking to use. Decking serves as the horizontal base for storing materials in your pallet racks. Decking comes in wood and metal, but one of the best options is mesh wire decking.

Flat and Waterfall Wire Decking

Some mesh wire decking lies flat on the support beams, while waterfall wire decking has a lip extending over the front and rear rails to add extra support. Waterfall wire decking is an excellent choice for adding extra rigidity for heavy loads. Either type of decking may have additional rails to add strength.

New Wire Decking

Used Wire Decks

Used Wire Deck- 72" x 29" x 68 1/4"$16.68More Information
Used Wire Decking - 28" x 47 1/2" x 24 1/4" Double Waterfall$8.89More Information
Used Wire Decking - 42" x 46" x 38 1/4"$13.35More Information
Used Wire Decking - 42" X 46" X 38 1/4" - 7314$12.23More Information
Used Wire Decks - 28" x 47" x 24 1/4" Lay-In$8.89More Information
Used Wire Decks - 34" x 47 1/2" x 30 1/4" Double Waterfall$8.89More Information
Used Wire Decks - 42" x 52" x 38 1/8" Lay-In -10214$13.76More Information
Used Wire Mesh Decki - 48" x 46" x 44 1/4"$15.32More Information
Used Wire Mesh Decking - 34" x 47 1/2" x 30 1/4" Lay-In$8.89More Information
Used Wire Mesh Decking - 36" x 46" x 32 1/4"$11.12More Information
Used Wire Mesh Decking - 36" x 52" x 38 1/8" Waterfall - 11114$12.96More Information
Used Wire Mesh Decks - 42" x 46" x 38 1/2"$13.35More Information
Used Wire Mesh Decks - 42" x 67" x 38"$16.68More Information
Used Wire Mesh Decks - 48" x 46" x 44 1/4"$15.32More Information
Used Wire Mesh Decks - 48" x 50" x 44 1/4"$14.46More Information
Used Wire Mesh Decks- 42" x 52" x 38 1/8" Waterfall - 10214$13.76More Information

Mesh wire decking consists of heavy gauge steel arranged in a grid pattern. Grid sizes may vary, but most use a grid that is 2 ½” by 4”. Another advantage of wire mesh decking is that it is easy to assemble. It simply sits on top of the support beams and requires no additional fasteners.

Mesh wire decking is usually coated with a gray enamel finish to create a uniform appearance and to protect the mesh from the inevitable dings and scratches that occur in a busy warehouse. Used wire mesh decking may have a worn appearance with chips that expose the steel. Once the enamel coating chips, the decking is more susceptible to rust.

As long as it has not been stored outside, it may not matter whether you select new or used decking. When exposed to rain or wet weather, the steel in the wire mesh decking can start to rust, but otherwise, new and used wire decking are equally strong and can have a long life.

New wire mesh decking has the advantage of a fresh, uniform appearance. You may want to buy new decking if you are setting up a new warehouse or expanding your space.

Benefits of Mesh Wire Decking
a1_tonemappedOne major advantage that mesh wire decking has over solid metal or wood decking is that it allows more light to filter down, so it is easier to read labels and tags on pallets, reducing errors. In addition, the openings in mesh wire decking enable more effective sprinkler system access. In the event of a fire, this may help lessen damage to stored goods and reduce losses.

It’s important to get mesh wire decking that is strong enough to safely store the materials in your stock room. The wrong mesh wire decking may buckle or slip if it isn’t strong enough to support your goods. This is a safety hazard as well as a potential loss of materials, so it is best to work with a company that fully understands the warehousing industry and takes the time to learn about the materials you need to store.

At Material Handling Exchange our experienced team is eager to discuss your warehousing needs, and we have a wide variety of new and used wire decking for sale. This way, you can be certain you are getting the right quality mesh wire decking for your warehouse.

If you’d like to work with knowledgeable professionals when it’s time to buy new decking, contact Material Handling Exchange today.

How to Buy Wire Decking

Determine the beam length measurement that the decks are going to be installed on by measuring the inside edge of the beam connector where it would sit flush with the side of the upright frame. Note that you want to use the measurement that is similar to your desired pallet racking bay widths. Example: A 96” beam will have a measurement from the inside edges of the beam connectors that is generally within 1/16” or so of what the desired bay dimension is. You do not want to measure between the furthest outside edges of the beam connectors or the measurement will be too long.

Deck Width Chart:

  • 96” beams require Two (2) 46” wide wire decks
  • 108” beams require Two (2) 52” wide wire decks
  • 120” beams require Two(2) 58” wide wire decks
  • 144” beams require Three (3) 46” wide wire decks

Next you want to determine the upright depth of the rack system that the decks are being used in. Example: 42” deep upright would require a wire mesh deck that is 42” Deep. · If you are ordering wire decks to go with your existing pallet rack uprights, then you will need confirm that the measurement between the steps of your existing pallet rack beams will accommodate a channel lengths of the new decks.

  • For 36” deep wire decks the common channel lengths are between 32-1/4” and 32-3/8”
  • For 42” deep wire decks the common channel lengths are between 38-1/4” and 38-3/8”
  • For 48” deep wire decks the common channel lengths are between 44-1/4” and 44-3/8”

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