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Pallet Rack Beams

Thousands of New and Used Pallet Rack Beams In-Stock

MHE rack experts are with you every step of the way, checking and double checking calculations, such as rack beam length against load capacities to ensure safety, and scouring our inventory for the best fit and price specifically for your needs. With MHE you get expert service coupled with the unmatched selection from our over 500,000 square feet of inventory across the country.

Whether you only need pallet rack components, new or used rack beams, or if you require a complete custom layout design, give us a quick call or put us to work by filling out our quote form.
(Received orders ship within typically 48 hours.)

Practical and Proven Design Consultation

MHE is known for outstanding customer satisfaction in the pallet racking business. This is acheived by having expert layout designers on staff supported by an expansive network of vendors, which means we won’t stop until we find your items. Once we do, we back you all the way. Your unique pallet rack system design from MHE will consider the following:

  • Sufficient space to allow for lifting and removing/placing the pallet
  • Easy to remove/install beam connections that allow for quick reconfiguration of beam height
  • Beam strength sufficient to support planned loads without allowing pallets to bow
  • Heavy-duty compression fasteners that ensure racks and beams stay put
  • Teardrop pattern connections that accommodate most rack beam types
  • Beam types utilizing gravity pins or metal safety clips
  • Bolting beams to frames or snapping each together with slotted rack systems

We stock many items that are not shown on our website. Please call for a complete list of inventory