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Warehouse productivity is a function of the warehouse layout, so it makes sense to spend time on warehouse design to improve material flow and warehouse logistics. Warehouse layout design takes more skill and expertise than doing other floor plans and layouts because it requires a deep understanding of warehouse processes, the capabilities of material-handling equipment, space requirements, and the load-bearing capabilities and best uses of specific rack styles. Modern warehouse design is not a simple project, which is a good reason to work with a professional team with experience in warehouse planning.

Material Handling Exchange has a full crew of experienced warehouse-planning professionals with in-depth knowledge of the most efficient pallet racking to use for various loads. We know the best ways to lay out a warehouse for optimum productivity and efficiency. Unlike most pallet racking providers, we don’t just create a single design based on the racks in stock. We take the time to do a thorough job on your warehouse building design using the best pallet racking systems for the material you actually store and the material-handling equipment you actually use. You get to choose the best customized warehouse layout for your needs from the several warehouse layout options we will design just for you. There are no “cookie cutter” layouts when you work with Material Handling Exchange.

Material Differences

We have more inventory and more types of new and used pallet racking than our competitors. We also have our own manufacturing facilities, so we can make whatever type of racks make the most sense for you, rather than try to force-fit the design to available inventory like some of our competitors do. Because we offer more than 50 years of warehouse design expertise, you know you are getting the best possible warehouse designs as well.

In warehousing, using space efficiently is critical, so we strive to take advantage of every square foot and all possible vertical space in your warehouse design. After we have created multiple warehouse layout designs for you, we help you decide which one makes the most sense for your business. We go over the pros and cons of every detail, so you know exactly how the warehouse logistics will flow. We are familiar with current industry best practices, so you know you are getting a modern warehouse design that will serve your company efficiently for years to come. We’ve seen it all in warehouse management, and we are adept at servicing customers with unique needs in their warehouse layout. In fact, we are happy to take on complex or difficult projects that our competitors frequently turn down.

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Who better to design a warehouse than a company that knows and sells warehouse storage equipment? We are happy to use our 50 years of expertise in the creation of your warehouse layout.
A drawing of your existing space — as simple as a hand sketch — is all we need to get started. Contact us today to work with the very best modern warehouse design professionals.


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