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5 New Warehouse Tech Trends

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The success of any distribution company is highly dependent upon its warehouse’s efficiency. Only minor changes here and there can have a big impact on efficiency, and ultimately on an organization’s bottom line. Unfortunately, most organizations fail to make the necessary changes as they feel that changing their warehouse routine is a daunting task. This is a mistake you, as a business, should not make. There are many technological advances that if adopted, can save you time and money while improving the overall productivity.

Following are 5 new warehouse technology trends that can help organizations to improve efficiency and save money.

tech-trendsHaving a Warehouse Management System

A warehouse management system can help you to better and more accurately deliver customer orders. Such a system will ensure improved warehouse efficiency and greater inventory visibility and management. It will also allow quick and easy pick up and shipment of products. Organizations will also find expediting on time-sensitive orders easy. With so many benefits, it is time for you to opt for a warehouse management system if your organization is yet to implement one.

Climate Controlled Storage

Whether it is the bitter cold winters or the hot humid summers, climate-controlled storage is always in high demand. Today, companies can store all sorts of items in their warehouse including specialized electronics, computers, furniture, documents, etc., by maintaining the right environmental conditions for their storage. Companies ensure the right environmental conditions for storage with the help of climate control technologies. You can ensure long-term safety and stability by creating an environment that is best for storing all types of items.

Simplifying Processes

It is important for organizations to take a deeper look at the steps and physical processes involved in order fulfillment and product flow. You need to remember that fewer steps generally mean lower costs. One way to simplify processes is through real time data. The way information is shared and used is something real time data has revolutionized.

Thanks to improved networking and IT capabilities, warehousing functions today are leaner, faster, and more efficient than ever before. Quick access to the most accurate information makes the warehousing operations swift. This ensures timely delivery of items which in turn help to lower costs and save money. A system of barcode scanning or RFID can help you to simplify processes.

Shipping and Loading

There are a few problems that organizations now face with shipping and loading aspects of the supply chain management system. For example, shipping is becoming far more technologically driven, which means that employees should have detailed knowledge about navigational systems, how to load cargo via computer, and be able to view delivery details through mobile phones apps. Investing in a comprehensive warehouse management system that covers all these areas will be very useful in improving accuracy and minimizing supply chain risks.

Communication and Collaboration

Direct communication is the most efficient way to get your word through in a time-sensitive environment. One of these time-sensitive environments is that of a warehouse. Organizations can increase productivity in warehouses by making use of the available wireless technologies such as radio, laptop, or smartphone.

Thanks to technological advancements, there are a number of warehouse management, storage, and communication solutions available today. These are the solutions that organizations can use to increase warehousing efficiency and productivity to ultimately improve their bottom line.

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