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Are Smart Phone’s Changing The Way Warehouse’s Operate?

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It’s the 21st century and smart phones can do just about anything; from monitoring your weight to making office presentations. But the question is, can they change the way warehouses operate? Today, many warehouses make use of smart phones to accomplish daily tasks of picking from your pallet racking and managing your orders. Smart phones feature an assortment of productivity tools and applications that can save tons of time and energy with the help of warehouse management software and systems.

Let’s see how smart phones have revolutionized warehouse technology.

smart_phones_newSmart Phones: Changing the Paradigm of Warehouse Operations

Following are the advantages that you reap by the virtue of using a smart phone for you inventory management:

Budget Sensitive

Smart phones are an ideal way of cutting costs by a significant margin. They lower the finances a warehouse has to collect and invest in manufacturing and maintaining hardware. You can get a new set of Android phone or iPod Touch for less than 10% of the cost of a regular RF gun. Imagine your total savings if you replace various other devices with a smart phone. What’s more, you can also upgrade your Android system and take benefit of next-gen technology without having to replace your phone; however, you can’t say the same for an outdated RF gun. Smart phones give you flexibility to make better business decisions, and enable you to expand your experimental horizon.

Easy to Use Features

Reducing it to bare minimum, a smart phone is just a big touch screen which allows you to perform various complex tasks. This technology is familiar to almost everyone today, and you don’t need to conduct special classes just so that your employees are able to understand its functions. Assimilating a technology that your employees are comfortable with in your processes will increase the total efficiency of output.

Ideal for Management Purposes

Smart phones are an ideal choice if you are always on a go and want access to your data instantly. With smart phones, you will not need to wait for printed reports on your desk to make a decision, because you will be able to pull out your phone and view your complete supply chain. This will enable you to make better decisions which address all aspects of your inventory. Knowing what your pallet racking has on it will help improve your bottom line.

What are Specific Apps and Executions?

Improved Technology

Along with being portable, smart phones come loaded with advanced technology, featuring enhanced processors, vividly colored screen, and upgraded operating systems. Smart phones are so technologically advanced, that they have made an average person better equipped with fine processing of data than a business firm. In order to revamp the working procedures at your warehouse, you can set up smart phone sensors to work in departments such as logistics, and management.

Normally, a smart phone weighs around ¼ of a pound, which makes it easy to carry around. This makes the process easier for your employees, enabling them to move easily across the warehouse.

Smart phone technology is only going to improve with the passage of time. You can invest in smart watches and glasses as well and begin an era of working seamlessly in your warehouse.

Does Your Employees Already have Cell Phones?

Most Companies Already pay for Employees Cell Phones

If this is the case that means that you are already ahead of the game. It is very easy to add these types of technology to an existing phone. These kinds of upgrades are either free or low cost. You may even be able to have your own app made for your unique needs. Apps are getting easier and cheaper to create; this gives even small businesses a chance to invent their own custom apps. These custom apps can make your warehouse more efficient and profitable by improving the overall workflow of your warehouse.

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