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Efficiency with Span-Track

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Use Span-Track to Optimize Warehouse Workflow

A warehouse is always buzzing with activity. Unfortunately, that activity can turn into an accident due to a cluttered and inefficient work space. To not only increase efficiency in the warehouse, but also decrease the number of accidents, you need a good method of transport. Span-Track can be just that.

Span-Track Defined

Span-Track is commonly used in warehouses as a conveyor-belt-type system meant to optimize the movement of boxes and pallets. It is made up of a series of steel rods that utilize gravity in the process of smoothly transporting boxed and packaged product. Span-Track uses full-width rollers that help to avoid stoppage and jamming, a common issue with carton flow track.

Commercial Uses of Span-Track in a Warehouse

Span-Track can be used in a variety of environments, but it is most commonly used in warehouses where their efficiency, flexibility and durability make them a very useful tool.

Increased Efficiency

A major challenge in warehouses is maximizing the work space when transporting products back and forth. Span-Track increases your throughput by up to 150 percent compared to using pallets. It also offers 90 percent more space utilization from left to right when compared with regular carton flow.

Time and labor efficiency is also maximized with Span-Track. Moving pallets and boxes in warehouses often means excess bending, lifting and packing. All of that constant movement and heavy labor can not only cause serious injuries, but it can also severely slow production time. Span-Track significantly decreases the amount of bending and lifting while speedily moving the product.


Not only is Span-track very easy to install, but it is also simple to move around and customize to your needs. Both their lightweight nature and drop-in design means that you can easily move the track exactly where you need it, and the customizable end treatments easily attach to any racking. The rollers can also come in any size you need them to be, whether wide or narrow.


Despite its lightweight, flexible quality, Span-Track is extremely durable. Because the rollers efficiently distribute the weight as the boxes move along, Span-Track can withstand extreme weights.

Span-Track is the perfect solution for any warehouse looking to optimize time, space and labor. The best part is, there’s no need to buy them brand new. Used Span-Track will work just as well and comes at a reduced price. Get Used Span-Track for your warehouse today!

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