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How to Buy Wire Decking

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Determine the beam length measurement that the decks are going to be installed on by measuring the inside edge of the beam connector where it would sit flush with the side of the upright frame. Note that you want to use the measurement that is similar to your desired pallet racking bay widths. Example: A 96” beam will have a measurement from the inside edges of the beam connectors that is generally within 1/16” or so of what the desired bay dimension is. You do not want to measure between the furthest outside edges of the beam connectors or the measurement will be too long.

Deck Width Chart:

  • 96” beams require Two (2) 46” wide wire decks
  • 108” beams require Two (2) 52” wide wire decks
  • 120” beams require Two(2) 58” wide wire decks
  • 144” beams require Three (3) 46” wide wire decks

Next you want to determine the upright depth of the rack system that the decks are being used in. Example: 42” deep upright would require a wire mesh deck that is 42” Deep. · If you are ordering wire decks to go with your existing pallet rack uprights, then you will need confirm that the measurement between the steps of your existing pallet rack beams will accommodate a channel lengths of the new decks.

  • For 36” deep wire decks the common channel lengths are between 32-1/4” and 32-3/8”
  • For 42” deep wire decks the common channel lengths are between 38-1/4” and 38-3/8”
  • For 48” deep wire decks the common channel lengths are between 44-1/4” and 44-3/8”

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