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How Wire Mesh Decks Will Revolutionize Your Warehouse

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Wire mesh decks are used in a pallet racking system to prevent products from falling through the racks. Wire mesh decks come in many sizes to fit the length of your rack beams and the depth of your uprights. The capacity that wire mesh decks are capable of handling also depends on how they are constructed.

Types of Wire Mesh Decks

Wire mesh decks come in four different types:

  • Waterfall: Waterfall wire mesh decks are currently the most popular type in use. They literally waterfall over the beam in order to hold the deck in its place. Channels run down the bottom part of the deck to increase strength.
  • Universal: Universal type wire mesh decks also waterfall over the face of your beams. They are also referred to as “flange type” because they contain a flange at the end of the channel. The flange allows the deck to fit tightly on a box, step, or structural beam. Universal type decks are also available in reverse waterfall style.
  • Lay In/Flush: The lay in/flush style of wire mesh deck fits in the step of your beam. None of this deck overlaps with the face of the beam. This type of deck also lies flush with the step of the beam, which creates a tight fit.
  • Reverse Waterfall: Reverse waterfall wire mesh decks contain a lip at the back of the deck that keeps products from falling off the shelf during picking and stocking. They also have a flange that attaches to the channel for a more secure fit with the beam. This style also uses channels that run down the center of the deck.

Benefits of Wire Mesh Decks
Wire mesh decks have many important benefits for your warehouse. They are important in terms of fire safety because they allow water to fall through the wire mesh, which can put out fires. Wire mesh decks also increase visibility during fires or other problems. Finally, wire mesh decks also improve your load control. They distribute the full weight of your load to your load beams, which utilizes the weight rating of your racking system and provides security for your products.

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