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MHE Offers Largest Inventory of Pallet Rack Systems

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At MHE, we offer the nation’s largest inventory of pallet rack systems. Our 350,000 square foot warehouse, located in Indianapolis, contains everything you could possibly need to build a complete pallet rack system for improved efficiency and productivity in your warehouse or storage facility.

What is Pallet Racking?

For those who may be new to pallet racking systems, this is the superior method of storage for any industrial business. Pallets are small, square storage containers with wooden bases. In a warehouse, you stack your products onto the pallet and wrap them for storage. Pallets have a hollow middle, allowing them to be moved by forklifts and pallet jacks.

Pallet racking is necessary for efficient storage because without a racking system, pallets can only be stored on the ground. This causes overcrowding in warehouses. Pallet racking provides a variety of systems to store pallets vertically and along warehouse walls. Different systems are capable of supporting different weights and types of products.

Pallet flow racking is a very beneficial system because it provides easy access to your products via forklift. It is also useful for small spaces because the systems are more tall than wide. Pallet flow racking will quickly improve the efficiency of your warehouse, allowing you to store a large amount of products in very little space.

Why Buy From MHE?

When ordering your complete pallet racking system, you must take measurements and capacities into account. Be certain to consider rack height and depth, as well as ceiling clearances required by local fire codes. At MHE, our professional staff can assist you in determining your ideal pallet racking system.

Buying a pallet racking system from MHE comes with multiple advantages. First, we stock the nation’s largest inventory of new and used products, giving you a choice in terms of quality, function, and price. Second, our climate-controlled storage provides the best conditions for your equipment, protecting it from filth or corrosion.

Finally, MHE is the economical solution for your pallet rack needs. We provide weekly discounts on many different types of equipment, from uprights and beams to pallet rack accessories. Because of our massive inventory of used equipment, competitors are unable to beat our low prices.

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