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Optimizing Storage Density With Pallet Racks

Using pallet racking can be a great way to optimize space in your warehouse, but this kind of storage poses its own difficulties. It can be challenging to maintain well organized pallet racking while still being able to access the products stored there. These simple tips can help you to make the most of your pallet rack storage system.

Use New Racking Materials

Innovations in pallet racking have really changed the game when it comes to storage capacity. New pallet racking materials, which are lighter and stronger than the old set-ups, come in a variety of shapes and sizes that allow companies to set up nearly endless pallet racking configurations. These new materials make it possible to double your warehouse space by simply reorganizing your pallet racking set-ups.

Build Up

If you are really going to use your warehouse space effectively, you need to be stacking your pallets higher and higher. Warehouse ceilings are often quite high and it is this upward space that can make all the difference when it comes to increasing storage capacity. Concerned about how your forklifts will reach these high shelves? Make ramps available for your forklifts to drive up. This allows them to reach products on the higher shelves.

Think About Aisles

There are three different kinds of aisle spacing that you can have in a warehouse. First there is the typical ten-foot or more aisle spacing that traditional forklifts require for loading pallets. Then there is the eight to nine foot narrow aisle, and the seven or less foot wide very narrow aisle. These narrow aisles make use of different forklift technology that can pivot its load to fill pallet racking. Narrower aisles mean more storage space, but also more expensive forklifts.

Don’t Overlook Building Supports

When designing a pallet rack set-up, it is important to protect roof support columns. Design around these columns for optimal space use, while being mindful to keep them safe from forklift impact. The right design can make the most of your warehouse space and prevent roof support columns from eating up rack room. New pallet racking materials and a careful assessment of pallet size and aisle requirements make it possible to arrange your warehouse for maximum storage.