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Pallet Flow Racks

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Pallet Flow Systems – Pallet Flow Racks – Warehouse Racking

Pallet flow rack systems are ideal for fast-moving inventory in a first-in/first-out (FIFO) environment or as feeders for picking stations where the pallet quantity must be broken down into case or carton packs for order fulfillment.

Pallet flow racking systems use gravity to simplify moving pallets to the picking location. Forklifts load new pallets at the back of the rack, which pushes forward any pallets already stored. Pallet flow racking makes excellent use of both floor space and vertical space because racks only need an aisle for loading access on one side. Pallets can be stored as high as necessary, improving the speed and efficiency of the feed, which relies on gravity to deliver pallets to the workstation. Pallet flow rack systems usually have wheels on the surface of the rack to ease moving pallets through the rack by reducing friction.

Material Handling Exchange has a vast selection of pallet flow racking systems in stock, so we can easily configure the ideal setup for your unique space and product mix.

Both new and used pallet flow racks are available from Material Handling Exchange. Used pallet flow racks are extremely cost effective, and since pallet flow rack systems are made from steel, there is little risk in buying used racks. New pallet flow racking systems can be completely customized to optimize your warehouse’s efficiency, so it’s simply a matter of balancing current budget and preference against possible future gains in productivity.

Any warehouse that stores products in pallet lots but needs to break the pallet down to smaller packs can benefit from installing a pallet flow racking system. Pallet flow racks work best when there are large volumes of identical products that are shipped in less than pallet loads for order fulfillment. Pallet flow racks maximize the use of floor space and increase productivity by minimizing the number of times a pallet must be moved or handled after storage. The pallet flow racking system delivers the pallets automatically as required.

Material Handling Exchange manufactures its own line of pallet flow racking systems, so in addition to offering used pallet flow racks, we can make exactly what you need quickly and cost effectively. Whether you need a few more bays to match existing pallet flow racks or are outfitting an entire warehouse, come to Material Handling Exchange.

Our team is constantly on the lookout for warehouse storage equipment, including used pallet racking systems for sale. We carefully inspect all components before we buy, so you can be assured that whether you buy new or used pallet racking systems from Material Handling Exchange, you are getting top quality.

We have distribution centers all over the country — that means we can ship your pallet flow racking quickly from our nearest location, saving you even more money on freight.

In addition, we have an experienced team of warehouse designers who are familiar with the latest innovations in pallet rack and warehouse industry best practices. We work with you to develop a comprehensive warehouse design, including pallet flow racking systems if it makes sense for your environment.

If you’re in the market for new or used pallet flow racks, contact Material Handling Exchange today.


MANY PALLET POSITIONS  & CONFIGURATIONS of “Used” in-stock and priced low to liquidate fast

Call MHE today & let us help design a NEW pallet flow rack system to fit your needs!

Pallet Flow Rack is an easy way to move full pallet loads and maintain inventory rotation in a FIFO basis. The full benefit of Pallet Flow is maximized when the vertical space in your warehouse is used for multi-level installations. Pallet Flow can be combined with Carton Flow or standard pallet racking, creating an efficient system where full pallets move forward to a picking position and automatically feed other systems that break them into cartons or even pieces. The use of gravity can minimize workload and keep picking positions stocked throughout all levels, allowing for deeper systems where pallets are stored back to back.

pallet flow racks

2 Deep Pallet Flow System

3 Deep Pallet Flow System

4 Deep Pallet Flow System

5 Deep Pallet Flow System

6 Deep Pallet Flow System

Driven By Gravity

Pallet Flow Rack systems are driven by gravity. It is perfect for fast-moving product with first-in/first out (FIFO) stock rotation. Heavy-duty skate wheels on sloped shelves allow palletized loads to flow forward for picking. The high-density storage utilizes space with fewer aisles. Pallet Flow can send pallets through standard pallet rack or to Carton Flow Systems consisting of multi-level picking modules to split loads into boxes or piece parts. Warehouse floor space utilization can be maximized with fewer aisles by storing pallets back to back. Unlike in static systems such as Drive-In racking, product flows back to a picking position and is easily accessible to the operator.

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