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Pallet Rack Safety: What You Need to Know

When working in an industrial environment, it is critical that you maintain the highest standards for worker safety. One major concern in warehouses is pallet rack safety. Pallet racks can pose a significant danger if not used correctly or regularly inspected. There are several areas that can become an issue when it comes to pallet racks.

Know The Capacity

When working with pallet racks, it is critical that you know how much weight they are designed to hold. If you are overloading pallet racks, someone is guaranteed to get hurt. Additionally, if there are dents or bends in the pallet rack infrastructure, this can reduce pallet rack capacity and should be reported to a supervisor. Know the capacity of your pallet racks and don’t exceed it.

Falling Pallets

If not stacked correctly, pallets may fall through the back of pallet racks, resulting in injury. One way to prevent this is by using pallet rack safety netting. This netting can be installed along the back of pallet racks to prevent material from being pushed too far back and falling out.

Regular Inspections

It is important that you pallet racks are regularly inspected to make sure they are in good working order. If you are using pallet racks outside, make sure they are specifically designed for outdoor use and be particularly mindful of rust. If you notice damage to a pallet rack, do not try to correct it yourself. Report damage to a supervisor who can dispatch individuals who are qualified to perform the repairs safely.

Stability Concerns

Always make sure that the fittings attaching your pallet racking to the floor are tight and properly installed. Additionally, make sure that the floor provides a stable, level base for the pallet racking. An unstable base can make an entire pallet racking structure a workplace hazard.

Forklift Safety

When using a forklift to fill pallet racking, always make sure that the forklift is the right one for the job and can fill the pallet racking without destabilizing it. All workers who use the forklift should be properly trained in how to operate it. Additionally, workers should always be careful working in pallet racking areas where there are forklifts – drivers may not be able to see you if they are moving a stack of pallets.