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Used Industrial Metal Shelving Triboro Starter Bay 24 x 36 x 87

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Category: Used Industrial Metal Shelving, Used Pallet Racking & Equipment,

MHE’s Used Box Rolled Steel Shelving is ideal for parts, bin and lighter duty applications.  The components receive a rust resistant phosphatized cleaning for better paint adhesion and durability.  A custom, quality blended powder coat paid is applied “electro-statically” and then baked on in a continuous curing oven for lasting durability and outstanding appearance. These units are currently configured in back to back rows of 5, totaling 10 bays.  The shelving is configured with 6 shelf levels.  The shelves are box rolled, meaning they are constructed with full welded box formation in the front and back of the shelf and have formed channels on both ends.  All corners are lapped and welded for additional strength.  The box formation is welded on a 6” center miimum to provide integrity the entire length of the box.  All shelves have a box profile height of 1-1/4” and can accommodate either clip or nut and bolt connection to the upright.  The shelf capacity is 550# evenly distributed.

STARTER BAY, consisting of 4-L posts, 6-Shelves, 24- Triboro Connector clips, 4- Sides (NOTE: 2 side pieces are needed per side), 2- Backs (NOTE: 2 back pieces are needed per side).  

Weight150 lbs