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The Benefits of Pushback Pallet Racks

Pushback pallet racks are utilized in high-density storage because they can store a lot of products while still enabling rotation of your products. This type of storage allows you to store more pallets and still access more products than with other high-density storage systems. Pushback pallet racks are especially useful if you have SKUs (individual products) stored on multiple pallets, because you can store these pallets anywhere from two to six pallets deep. The pushback system also works with any type of forklift, making it versatile.

How Pushback Pallet Racking Works

With a pushback pallet racking system, a forklift will place the pallets on nested carts that move along inclined rails. Each pallet is pushed back by the next pallet, which brings out the next cart. When the forklift removes products, it takes the front pallet first. This enables the pallets on the carts behind the first pallet to roll toward the front of the rack. The carts create an easy system for stocking and picking. The pushback system utilizes product rather than aisles to fill the storage space.

Advantages of Pushback Pallet Racks

Pushback pallet racks are often used in a variety of industries: printing, manufacturing, distribution, automotive, food and beverage, and medical. They provide significant advantages as a high-density storage system. First, push back pallet racks are simply a more efficient use of your limited warehouse space. You can easily store up to 90% more products than with other racking systems. You can also store a large variety of products that are easily accessible. Furthermore, the carts that the system uses prevent jamming and damage to products.

A pushback pallet racking system provides high-density storage, but with the selectivity of selective racking systems. This allows you to pick faster, using a last in, first out system. The system is also beneficial because you do not need to purchase any special equipment for retrieval – any style of forklift will do. Finally, push back pallet racking allows you to more easily store different types and sizes of pallets that may not fit in another racking system.