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Time Is Here To Spring Clean Your Warehouse

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With just a little while to go before Vernal Equinox to hit the calendar and mark the beginning of spring this year, now is as good a time as any to look ahead and plan out that warehouse cleaning. Easter Holidays are a great time to get your warehouse back on track and get most things organized as this would aid you in effective management of inventory throughout the rest of the year. Usually with ongoing business, warehouse management, cleaning and tidying up the place, gets difficult, so here are some tips you could apply during this year’s Spring Break before work catches up with you again:

shutterstock_255977815Plan Your Regular Cleaning Goals

For safer and smoother operations, its is advisable to keep high traffic areas of your warehouse such as shipping doors and work centers to be cleaned in accordance to a daily regimen. So plan out cleaning tasks into categories like: daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly rotation. This would definitely help you out in better inventory management and lesser hassle when working.

Apply Cleaning On the Go

If you find some metal shaving from a machine or packing material where it just doesn’t belong, don’t wait for the other person to come and do the needful; just pick it up and put it where it should’ve been right then and there. Many companies don’t consider a task completed if the mess isn’t cleaned up. So don’t let things stay there and pile up your work space and reduce your efficiency at work to that of a tortoise.

Empty Out Those Trash Bins

If you find yourself in a position where trash bins are overflowing then it’s simply because someone hasn’t made sure they were emptied when they were full. Overflowing bins mean that people aren’t going to dump the trash, which they should. If things are left to run loose, it would cause trash to pile up at odd places and even cause work space havoc.

Assigning Zones For Cleaning To Your Employees

Make people responsible by delegating authority of work space tidiness to them in their respective work areas. This would ensure reasonably better cleaning on a daily basis. Assigning duties such as removing debris, washing equipment, sweeping the floor would effectively remedy the situation.

Make Cleaning Equipment Readily Available

If you’re asking for a neat and clean  and well organized warehouse, then make sure your people are equipped with the right kind of tools that help to do so all the time. Small support from the management such as well positioned garbage cans, and readily available cleaners for use make your warehouse go a long way in terms of neatness.

Make Inventory Turn Regularly

Idle inventory is a magnet for dust and all sorts of mishaps like cutting down work space and blocking movements within the warehouse. It is in your own best interest and your warehouse that those cartons and racks are turned out at the soonest before they clutter and complicate operations.

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