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Transform Your Racking System: The Span-Track Conveyor

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If you are searching for a better, more efficient way to store products in your warehouse, the Span-Track conveyor system may be right for you. At MHE, we stock the superior Span-Track conveyor, which is manufactured by Unex. Span-Track will transform your static pallet system to a dynamic pallet system that is fed by gravity. Learn more about why the Span-Track conveyor system is the right choice for you.

What Is Span-Track?

Span-Track is a conveyor system that fits into the carton flow rack category. This system utilizes the pull of gravity to move product as it is picked from the back of the system to the front of the system. Span-Track is used for products that are in boxes or packages. The Span-Track system is beneficial because it reduces costs for both labor and space. Generally, Span-Track is used for product that is moved at a speed that is slow to medium.

Why Choose Span-Track?

The Span-Track conveyor system is advantageous for many reasons. First, Span-Track increases how fast your product can be picked by up to 30%. This is because static picking involves bending down, reaching for product, and pulling product forward. In contrast, Span-Track allows product to flow to the front as your crew picks. This eliminates the strain and time-consuming aspects of picking.

Furthermore, Span-Track decreases travel time when picking by about 30-80%. Static storage that is last in, first out is unsafe, leaves unreachable and wasted space, and does not allow for good visibility. In contrast, the dynamic, first in, first out style of Span-Track is safer, easier to refill, allows for more storage space, and brings product to the front. Span-Track maximizes the efficiency of your overall storage system.

Who Can Use Span-Track

Span-Track is easy to use in almost any application. The Span-Track system can be applied to any pallet rack system because of its drop-in design. Furthermore, Span-Track does not require you to purchase any extra materials; the system uses the frames that you already have, and it requires no added shelves or supports. Span-Track is incredibly flexible. While the Span-Track system works best for product that does not move fast, this generally comprises at least 50% of your warehouse, making Span-Track great for everyone.

The Span-Track conveyor system can be applied to many different types of pallet rack structures. It can be used in racks that are either single or double deep as well as push back applications. In addition, Span-Track can be used in a layback design as well as the mezzanine pallet rack style. Span-Track is not only extremely flexible, but it is also incredibly durable, vastly increasing your overall use of space.

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