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Wire Decking and Fire Safety #1

Easy to install, versatile and available in multiple sizes, wire mesh decking in an increasingly popular choice for outfitting a smoothly operating and safely functioning warehouse or storage facility. Not only is wire mesh decking a secure storage surface, but also it is a mandated choice in many facilities across the USA.

One compelling reason for its popularity, wire mesh decking meets OHSA and many local fire code standards. Many municipalities are moving toward ONLY approving wire decks for storage for the sake of fire code standards and uniformity.

Consider the possibility of fire. With shelving surfaces of plywood or particleboard, these materials not only fuel the fire, but their flat and non-porous surface actually impedes the effectiveness of an internal sprinkler system. The hard shelves block the downward flow of water and actually make sprinkler systems much less effective.

However, wire mesh decking allows the freer flow of sprinkler water. Without wire mesh decking, products and inventory would burn quicker; fires would burn hotter and yield more destruction and pose increased threats to local fire departments.