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Wire Decking and Fire Safety #2

However, wire mesh decking allows the freer flow of sprinkler water. Without wire mesh decking, products and inventory would burn quicker; fires would burn hotter and yield more destruction and pose increased threats to local fire departments.

By mandating the use of wire mesh decking, the effectiveness of the overhead sprinkler system is increased and ultimately, fire fighting is less treacherous. Inventory and facility damage are mitigated as well.

Overall, wire mesh decking is easy to install. The units are designed to be placed on top of pallet racking beams and locked into place. Not only does wire decking provide increased visual access to stored materials, the open mesh design provides better warehouse circulation. Also, less surface area leads to less dust being stored in your warehouse!

Several factors also go into choosing the right wire decking for your specific situation. It is important to know how much weight these surfaces will need to support. There are various gauges and qualities and multiple capacities available in the marketplace. Some light duty wire decks safely support less than 1,000 pounds – while some super-heavy duty decks can support just under 2 tons. Most units come with some sort of support channel on the underside of the decking that can help to add to the overall strength of the surface.